Ephemeral design, costume design and set design project. This project consisted of creating a futuristic aesthetic and an alternative style for the extras that appeared in the filming. This project also included recreating the atmosphere of the streets of Tokyo in Barcelona.


Abstract Groove


Rotterdam (Nederland)

Abstract Groove

In this ephemeral design project for Yamaha, our work was guided by the Director and Art Director of Abstract Groove, Luigi Pane.

Abstract Groove is a creative production collective that experiments with high-end cinema, arts and technology to support the vision of international brands, advertising agencies and production companies.


The contract came from the hand of the advertising agency DLV BBDO.

DLV is part of the BBDO network, the third largest network of agencies in the world and is systematically classified in the Gunn Report (the largest independent audit of creative achievements) as the world’s most successful creative network.

Spot “Dark side of Japan”

The spot was called “Dark side of Japan” and was part of an important campaign that Yamaha created for the MT series.

The concept that highlighted in this campaign was the alternative side, the sub-cultures and the emerging trends born in Japan.

The Project: Yamaha MT-09

Our commission focused on creating the costume design of the characters who drove the bikes in the commercial.

We created some characters with plastic elements, tubes, protective equipment and bumps. All of these helped shape mysterious beings, who were all part of the same urban tribe.

The sport portion was filmed in Barcelona and Tokyo.

For the scenes that were shot in Barcelona, ​​we designed scenography and props which helped transform our city into the streets of Tokyo.

Finally, we also collaborated the makeup design for some of the actors that appear in the ad, in which makeup becomes a mask and a communicative effect.

For us, being able to work on this ephemeral design project was a great challenge, and it was an honor to have had the opportunity to collaborate with two of the most relevant creative agencies in the world of advertising.