Ephemeral design project. The project consisted of costume design and clothing production for the characters that starred in the advertising spot of Yamaha MT-125.


Abstract Groove


Barcelona & Tokio

Spot “Don’t be afraid of the dark”

On this occasion Abstract Groove, DLV BBDO re-created the same creative team for the production of the spot “Don’t be afraid of the dark”, with which the new Yamaha motorcycle: The MT series, was presented.

This spot was part of Yamaha’s “Dark side of Japan” campaign.

In this spot: the world of sub-cultures, the alternative, and the transgressive, were all emphasized once again.

The project: Yamaha MT-125

To communicate these concepts, the art director, Luigi Pane asked us to create a costume design inspired by an urban tribe, reminiscent of Samurai aesthetics to highlight the Japanese world.

We took references from science fiction cinema, fashion and urban art and designed the costumes through some figurines that were built through experimentation. Several different materials mainly of a synthetic nature were used.

We take care of the decoration and handling of helmets and the construction of the suits.

Since some of the characters that appeared on the spot did not have to drive, we were able to create more extreme costume designs, with bumps, tubes, and spikes. The use of modified protective equipment from sports and driving suites were used as well, which allowed us to create unique figures and silhouettes.

For this project we had to travel to the Dutch city of Amsterdam, since all of the driving was shot there. We sent all of the assembly material so when we arrived, we just built and dressed the characters on the shooting set, which was in an abandoned industrial building.

This ephemeral design project also allowed us to experiment with materials that we had never dealt with in the creation of characters and props, creating artifacts and signals that helped the team to set the set and generate a transgressive, dark and alternative environment.